Identify, assess and use of efficiency potentials with the QFE efficiency check.

Our self-developed QFE Efficiencycheck allows us to study production systems quickly, systematically and comprehensively for efficiency potentials.

QFE Consulting As part of the analysis, we consider the production both in terms of lean management / lean production philosophy as well as from the point stable production systems as required by the DIN EN ISO 16949. We also analyze the company-specific communication, especially the leadership, error and learning culture.

The discovered potentials for efficiency will be evaluated and prioritized, followed by the proposal of new project implementations.

Following consultation, our project management will be happy to consistent implementation of agreed projects. On request, the project implementation can be provided by the customer. We would gladly assist you in form of consultant, moderator, coach and as tutor of the process.

With the QFE Efficiencycheck our efficiency is an effective, standardized tool available in order to optimize production systems quickly, systematically and sustainably. A broad overview of the methodology will provide you with the short presentation of the QFE Efficiencycheck.